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1937, July 18 - Hunter Stockton Thompson born

1953 - Hunter joins the Athenaeum Club
1954, Fall - Jack Thompson, Hunter's father dies
1956, June - Hunter arrested for robbery and serves time
1956, Fall - Hunter enters into the U.S. Airforce
1957, November 8 - Hunter is honorably discharged from the Airforce
1958, early - Hunter in New York City
1959, early - Hunter moves to the Catskill mountains to work on a novel
1959, May - Meets Sandy Dawn, his future wife in NYC
1959, Fall - Hunter moves to Puerto Rico to work for Sportivo

1960 - Back to New York and on the road to California
1961, July 2 - Hemingway commits suicide. Hunter is devastated
1961, end of - Hunter moves back to Louisville
1962 - Hunter travels to South America and becomes a correspondent for National Observer
1962, late - Hunter returns back to the states
1963, May 19 - Hunter and Sandy Dawn get married
1964, early - Hunter and Sandy move to the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco
1964, July - Hunter's first convention coverage
1964, Late - Hunter leaves National Observer
1965, early - Hunter's son Juan Fitzgerald is born
1965, April - Hunter begins hanging with the Hell's Angels to research an article
1965 - Hunter rides with the Angels
1965, July 22 - Hunter takes the Angels to Ken Kesey's ranch for an acid test. Attendee Allen Ginsberg writes a poem about it
1965, October 16 - The Angels bust some hippie head at a protest
1967 - Hell's Angels `A Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang" is published by Bantam Books
1967, Summer - Hunter moves to Aspen and eventually settles at Owl Farm in Woody Creek
1968 - Hunter covers the Nixon/Humphrey race as a free-lancer
1968, June - Hunter is beaten by the police at the Chicago Democratic Convention
1969 - Freak Power in Aspen

1970, June - Hunter and Ralph Steadman at the horse races
1971, early - Hunter's friendship with Oscar Zeta Acosta begins
1971, April - Hunter and Oscar travel to the city of sin
1971, November - "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" printed in Rolling Stone. Gonzo journalism is born
1972 - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas printed in book form
1972 - Fear & loathing on the campaign trail while Hunter covers the 1972 presidential election for Rolling Stone
1973 - Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail `72 is printed. One McGovern insider calls it "the least accurate yet most truthful" account
1973, August - Mr. Thompson's pleasant Watergate stay
1974, Summer - The decline begins
1974, February - Fear and loathing at the Super Bowl
1974, Fall - Hunter gets paid thousands to drunkenly ramble on the college lecture circuit
1974 - Uncle Duke debuts in Doonesbury. Hunter threatens to "rip Trudeau's lungs out"
1974, Fall - Hunter and Ralph's African adventure
1974, Winter - Hunter agrees to write a Fear and Loathing book of the `76 election
1974, March - Hunter travels to Saigon
1975, Fall - Hunter leaves Rolling Stone but agrees to cover the `76 election
1977, December - Hunter publishes an article about Oscar Acosta
1979 - Hunter's wife Sandy finally leaves him
1979 - The Great Shark Hunt is published

1981 - "Where the Buffalo Roam" a movie about Hunter is released
1980 - Hunter writes a fiction novel, "The Silk Road", parts of which are later printed in Songs of the Doomed
1980, Spring - Hunter and Ralph cover the Honolulu Marathon for Running Magazine
1981, late - Hunter is offered a deal to make the Running article into a book
1983 - The Curse of the Lono is published
1985 - tales of shame and degradation in the `80s
1986 - Hunter continues on the college lecture circuit

1990 - Songs of the Doomed: More notes from the American Dream is published
1990, April 6 - Hunter is charged with sexual assault and possession of controlled substances and incendiary devices
1991 - Hunter begins a year long stint at Esquire writing the "Year of the Wolf," a monthly column on the magazine's last page. He only lasts until April and moves on to other pursuits
1992 - Rolling Stone lures Hunter back to cover the 1992 presidential race
1994 - Better than Sex: Confessions of a Political Junkie is released
1994, December 15 - Hunter publishes another tale of decadence and loathing as "Polo is my Life," in Rolling Stone
1995, March - Hunter publishes "Songs of the Sausage Creature," in Cycle World
2005, February 15 - Thompsons' final column published @ ESPN.com
2005, February 20 - Hunter Stockton Thompson deceased + RIP +

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